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1ST JANUARY, 1951 AND 25TH MARCH, 1971


sl no. Name of The Colony Location No of displaced persons families Area under occuption of displaced persons in Acres Rural of Urban Publis Land or Private Land
1. Paharpur Loharnagar,
P.S. Khoyrasole
18 18.67 Rural Vested char land
2. Chandrapur Mazura. P.S Khoyrasole 23 11.25 -do- -do-
3. Balita (a) Balita & (b) Rasidpur.
P.S. Khoyrasole
25 45.00 -do- -do-
4. Sambhunagar (a) Rasidpur. (b) Ratanpur.
(c) Bolodarga, P.S. Khoyrasole
42 67.09 -do- Vested char land & private lands
5. Churor Churor, P.S. Khoyrasole 34 65.00 -do- Vested char land
6. Muktinagar Dhorebazar. P.S. Khoyrasole 17 12.54 -do- -do-
7. Basantapur (a) Chapla. (b) Parulbora.(c) Singlarga. P.S. Khoyrasole 65 77.19 -do- -do-
8. Chapla Chapla, P.S. Khoyrasole 120 17.80 -do- -do-
9. Debipur (a) Debipur. (b) Bhara P S. Dubrajpur & Khoyrasole 79 123.36 -do- Vested char land & private forest lands
10. Palasdanga (a) Debipur.(b) Palasdanga. P.S. Dubrajpur 48 83.00 -do- Char Vested lands and forest
11. Nildanga Illambazar 50 2.73 -do- Char vested lands & private lands
12. Khudrapur Khudrapur, P S: Illambazar 37 29.36 -do- Char vested lands
13. Lakshmipur (a) Lakshmipur.(b) Usahar, P.S. Illambazar 23 2.89 -do- Char vested and private lands


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