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  • After prolonged and persistent persuasion, we, the RR Officers are at last at the edge of getting some desired result in our service career. Though it is not the time to affirm anything specifically at this stage, it may be said that the major part of our demand which includes feeder to Cadre & filling up the post of Deputy Directors by Departmental officer have reportedly got positive response from the Pay Review Committee, constituted by the Finance Department, Govt. Of West Bengal and the issuance of required G.O. is expected before the ensuing festive season.
  • Secondly, a good number of Rehabilitation Officers and Sub-Divisional Refugee Relief & Rehabilitation Officers have got promotion in the recent past and some more such Officers are going to be benefited by such promotion in the current financial year and in the coming financial year too. Be it mentioned here that RROA played an important role in ensuring that the A.C.R.s of the concerned Officers reach the Department timely, without which the entire promotional process becomes futile.
  • RROA has always been approaching the Department for making arrangement for the Training of Rehabilitation Officers at Administrative Training Institute. In February, 2012, a team of R.O.s has availed this training. Senior RR Officers have also been selected for the Trainers’ Training (DTS) by the Department and this process would go on.
  • RROA has made almost all required G.O.s available in this web, which would help the Departmental Officers in their everyday work as well as enrich the inquisitive people and the Research-workers a great deal.


The influx of refugees from erstwhile East Pakistan due to the partition of the country was a major crisis in Indian History. This influx occurred in a large scale during the period from October 1946 to March 1958 and subsequently from January 1964 to 25th March 1971 with a nomenclature of ‘’ Old Migrant ’’ and ‘’ New Migrant ‘’ respectively.

An estimated figure of such displaced person was 80 lakhs as on 1981 as per R.R.Committee report.

A vat no. of refugee families took shelter in various transit camps and thereafter they were shifted to Camps/Homes under this Department.

At present, about 503 no. of refugees are residing in eight (8) Camps/Homes and they are waiting for permanent rehabilitation.

Thousands acres of land were acquired for the purpose for the rehabilitation of them in rural and urban areas. Financial assistance was also provided for construction of house, purchasing of Homestead Plots, running of small trade. Educational , Medical and training-cum- employment facilities were also provided to these displaced persons.

Beside the estimated refugee families, thousands of refugee families are still living in about 700 left out unapproved squatters’ colonies throughout the West Bengal. These colonies are required to be surveyed and the refugee families residing therein should be taken under the purview of rehabilitation as per the policy of the Govt. of India as well as the State Govt.

The Infrastructure Development for providing the basic civic amenities to the refugee settlers are required to be done for the colonies where no such work is done.

The physical and economic rehabilitation of all refugee families, settled in West Bengal, are the accepted liabilities of the Central Govt. As it is a national problem, it cannot be denied by the Govt. of India.

The refugee families who came to India before 1971 settled in unapproved squatters’ colonies including 998 Gr. Of Colonies, are facing acute difficulties for want of the right & title over there occupied land. In spite of being refugees from East Pakistan they are still living without ownership of their respective land.

Giving rehabilitation is an enormous task beyond the capacity of the State govt. and such crisis can only be solved with the approval and financial assistance from the Govt. of India.

After the laps 66 years of Independence of India, the refugee rehabilitation work in West Bengal should not be delayed anymore and all the pending works should be assessed and completed as early as possible.










Distribution of FHTD to the D.P families.

4000 FHDT

4000 FHDT

4000 FHDT


Land transfer proposal initiation in respect of 998 Gr. & Spl.Gr.of colonies.

40 colonies

60 colonies



Infrastructural Development work

Rs 30 crores. (Central Fund) Rs 17 crores. (State Fund)




Revenue earning from leasing out Shop/market

Rs. 5 crore

Rs. 5 crore

Rs. 5 crore


Leasing out of water bodies

25% of total water bodies

25% of total water bodies

Remaining water bodies


Leasing out of School, Colleges, Libraries, Clubs, Social Welfare Organization, etc.

Organization/ Institution




Sending of Land records of D.P. colonies to the respective L&LR offices for mutation of land in favour of R.R. & R. Deptt.

Land records in respect of 300 colonies.

300 colonies

300 colonies


Digitalisation of Site Plan, Lay-out plan & other related land record

This work will be started this year. For this purpose of big scanner machine is required to be purchased.




Bon-Hooghly Housing Project

Construction of new flat will be started after demolishing of old building within six months.




69.85 acres of RIC land

Possession Of RIC Land will be received from the liquidator Calcutta High Court Shortly.




New Office Building of R.R. Dptt.

A new office building will be contructed at 0.58 acres of R.R land at Alipore. 24 Parganas (S)




Move to Govt. of India for recognition  0f 998 gr. And 700 left out colonies.

On approval of the Hon’ble Chief Minister, Govt. of West Bengal Proposal will be prepared



*Detail of each items is enclosed in a separate sheet at annex – I
** A list of other major work of  R.R  department is enclosed at annex - II


Annex- I

  1. Distribution of Free Hold Title Deed to the Displaced Families :
  2. Total No. of FHDT issued till date :               2,62.000
    No. of FHDT Pending                  :          45,000(approx)
    Out of this, clear cases are about 10000 other 15000 are pending due to i) Family Dispute,  ii) Court Case,  iii) Pending land transfer/acquisition etc.   iv) Non submission of documents. Out of 10000 clear case 4000 FHDT will be disturbed within one year.
    Another 20000 FHDT will be disturbed on receiving possession of land from other department of Government Of West Bengal in respect of 998 Gr. and Special Gr. of Colonies.

  3. 998 Gr. of Colonies :
  4. a) No. of regularisable colony under this category which are situated on Govt. Land … 294
    b) No. of colonies on which Land transfer proposal initiated 151
    c) Possession of land received 67
    d) Remaining 749 No. of colonies could be not be regularized at present since this colonies are situated on private land.
    Land transfer proposal in respect of  remaining 98 colonies will be initiated within one year.

  5. Infrastructure Development of R.R. Colonies :
  6. Infrastructure Development work, to provide minimum civic amenities to the refugee families, has been taken up some R.R. Colonies. This facility is yet to be provided in most of the remaining colonies. Details of fund sanctioned during this financial year is as follow :

    Central FundRs. 30 crores.

     State Fund Rs. 17 crores.

  7. Revenue earning from leasing out of Shops, Market etc.
  8. Crores of revenue will be collected this year by leasing out Shops/Market on R.R. Colonies.

    a) Already a proposal for leasing out of shops at B.R. Ambedkar market under mouza-Nonaganga on E.M Bypass under South 24 Pgs has been prepared from which about 7 cr. Of revenue is likely to be collected.
    b) Work on another commercial area for leasing out of shops at Ganguly Bagan is shortly to be taken up. Rs. 1.5 crore revenue will be collected as salami and annual rent.

  9. Revenue earning from leasing out of Water Bodies.

  10. Out of total 1800 acres(approx) water bodies situated in R.R Colonies throughout the State, revenue could only be earned from a few of those assets due to various reason e.g Non-existance of Fishermen Group/Co-operative Societies, local dispute, unauthorized occupation etc. To earn more revenue proper action will be taken up to lease out the remaining waterbodies in this year. 25% of water bodies  will taken up as a target.

  11. Leasing out of land in favour of School, Colleges, Club, Library, Socies Welfare Oraganization etc.

  12. Target for  one year :
    100 organization/institutions will be conferred with lease deed within one year.

  13.   Mutation of land for which FHDT has been issued.

  14. The land, either acquired or transferred to R.R Department, is required to be mutated by L&LR Deptt. In favour of R.R Deptt. For subsequent mutation to the respective FHDT holders/done. As such, this Deptt. Is required to prepare and send land details to the L&LR Deptt.
    Target for one year.
    Land records of 300 colonies will be sent to the L&LR Deptt.

  15. Digitalization of Lay-out plan, site plan and other land records.

  16. About 12 thousands Maps, possession Certificates and other land related documents in respect of thousands acre of acquired/transferred land are required to be digitalized.

  17. Bon-Hooghly Housing project :

  18. This Deptt. Has undertaken a Housing project in PPP Model Bon-Hooghly Tenement Scheme. The work for shifting of exiting occupants of the tenements is going on as per their option. After shifting of occupants demolishing of old buildings will be started within next three (3) months and new constructions will likely be started within six months.

  19. RIC Land.

  20. Probably this year posseion of 69.85 acres of RIC land in 8 pockets throughout the State will be received by this Deptt. from the Liquidator, Calcutta High Court on disposal of court case pending at Hon’ble High Court, Calcutta.
    On receiving possession of the land actions will be taken up for proper utilization of the land.

  21. New Office building.

  22. Preliminary work will be completed within next 3 months for construction of a new office building for R.R & R. Department at Alipore on 0.58 acres of R.R. Land. Construction work will start  thereafter.

  23. Move to G.O.I for recognition of 999 Gr. and other left out colonies.

  24. Proposal for sanction of fund for acquisition of land for 998 group of colonies were earlier sent to GOI under ‘’ Package Proposal’’ No response has been received. Now, a further proposal for recognition and providing assistance for acquisition of Land and cost for ID work in respect of 998 Group and 700 left out colonies may be sent to the GOI after getting approval from the Hon’ble C.M as it was National Commitment to solve the refugee rehabilitation problem.

Annex - II

Other Major Work to be done by the R.R. & R. Department.

  1. Modernisation of productions centres.
  2. There are three Production Centres under this Department at Habra, Uttarpara & Titagarh. Modernsation of those centres will be required for optimum utilization of workers/staff.

  3. Rehabilitation of Camp inmates.
  4. 503 No. of inmates are residing in the camp 8 Camps & Home under the District : Hoogly, Nadia & North 24 Parganas. At present these inmates are provided with Cash doles & Dry doles by this Department. Rehabilitation of these inmates will be required on increasing the present amount of financial assistants.

  5. Cabinet Decision is required for regularization of Agri colonies under 998 Gr. of colonies.

  6. Housing Project under PPP Model (like Bon-Hoogly) at Poddar Park & Kamarhati and other unutilized R.R. Land may be taken up.

  7. A Good No. of  Multistoried Buildings are being constructed un-authorisedly on the R.R. Plots in various approved refugee colonies before regularization of plots by the Govt./Deptt. Crores of revenue may be earned through leasing out/selling out of those flats in favour of present owners. It requires a guideline from the Govt.

  8. Post Registration work.

  9. All registered documents along with index Register  I & II are required to be send to the respective Registry Offices.

  10. Survey of un-utilized R.R. Land.

  11. a) Detail survey and searching of records are required in respect of R.R. Land which is not utilized for the purpose of Rehabilitation of d.p. families.
    b) Detail survey is also required on the land which is leased out to different Organization but not utilized properly.

  12. A high level committee for assessment of pending work of the Department and for the purpose of formulating a plan toward solution of the residual refugee problem in West Bengal may be constituted.

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