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No. 3903(17) – Rehab/DS/205/88.
Dated: Calcutta, the 18th July, 1988.


Sub : Regularisation and distribution of agricultural land to individual
D.P. Squatters’ in approved post – 50 Squatters’ Colonies.


1. The Government of India in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Deptt. of Internal Security (Rehab. Divn.) conveyed approval to the regularisation of 607 displaced person Squatters’ Colonies set up during the period from 1-1-51 to 25-3-71. This sanction Order of the Government of India was issued in relation to homestead plots only for resettlement of displaced persons in the enlisted Colonies of this group. While going in for regularisation work it has been found on field enquiry and verification that in a large number of such Colonies there are agriculturist families with substantial agricultural land holding per family. A policy decision is, therefore, required to be taken in regard to such agricultural land holding in displaced person Squatters’ Colonies.

2. The distribution of holding of agricultural lands by displaced persons did not follow any uniform pattern and the agricultural land holding per family vary widely from Colony to Colony and even among the displaced persons within the same Colony. Besides, the agricultural lands under occupation are generally sub-marginal land per family is within 3 acres.

3. The matter was taken up at the highest level of the State Government. It has been decided that all the agricultural land holding in approved D.P. Squatters’ Colonies, involving Khas/Vested lands under the control of Land & Land Reforms Deptt. would be transferred in block to the R. R. & R. Deptt. for rehabilitation of displaced person agriculturists which would be outside the purview of the Section 49 of the W.B.L.R. Act 1955. Regarding the agricultural lands belonging to private land owners which would have to be acquired through land acquisition proceedings, acquisition schemes would have to be drawn up on the basis of actual occupation of agricultural lands by displaced person families. Regularisation of squatting up to a maximum of three acres of Agricultural lands per family would be allowed in all cases. Agricultural lands Beyond three acres per family will be decided upon separately.

4. In the circumstances stated above the undersigned is directed to say that the Governor is pleased to direct that all the agricultural lands (Khas/Vested) under the occupation of displaced persons should be transferred en-block to the Refugee Relief & Rehabilitation Department by the Land & Land Reforms Department and the agricultural lands belonging to private land owners should be acquired through acquisition proceedings under L.A. Act-II of 1948 and occupation of agricultural land up to a maximum of three acres per family should be regularised at present.

5. The District Magistrates/Collectors and Sub-Divisional Officers are accordingly requested to initiate acquisition proceeding in respect of private agricultural lands and to initiate transfer proposals in respect of agricultural lands belonging to different Departments of the Government of India in so far as Post-50 approved D.P. Colonies are concerned. In respect of agricultural Khas/Vested lands the concerned Addl. District Magistrates (RR) are requested to submit transfer proposals to the concerned Additional District Magistrates (L. & L. R.) under intimation to Government following the same procedure as in case of regularisation of homestead plots in 607-Group of Post-50 Squatters’ Colonies. District Magistrates and Collectors and Sub-Divisional Officers are also requested to treat inter departmental land transfer cases in so far as State Government’s lands are concerned in terms of Land & Land Reforms Department’s instructions contained in that Deptt.’s Memos bearing Nos. 4961 (18)-LA (II) dated. 22-12-1987 and 297(54)-L.A.(II) dated 18-1-1988.


D. K. Gupta
Deputy Secretary
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